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Amazing Website Design Facts You Must Know

Whenever one visits a website, he or she opens the landing page. This is the page, which opens when one types the URL of a particular website in the browser. It is called the landing page because the user is landing on that page. Outwardly, every website appears very beautiful and stylishly designed. However, this is just a nonprofessional’s view of looking at the website. If a seasoned web design professional were to look at the same landing page of any popular site, not only would he find out numerous errors in the design, but he would also explain the stunning facts that go behind the design of a website.


What’s website design?

Website design is a science, which comprises of the activities required to be done in order to bring a website up and running. It involves web graphic design, authoring, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization. People who design large websites often work in teams and when each team has completed their portion of the work, the whole thing is integrated into one large website. Some web designers who have knowledge of all the above aspects of website design work by themselves. They often outsource only a part of the design process to quicken the website design process. The term web design is used to refer to the design process, which goes into setting up the front end (client side) of a website. In short, it is the client facing graphic user interface. Web designers are expected to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field if they are to provide their customers with the latest design principles.


Amazing Website Design Facts You Must Know


There are some amazing facts about website design that are not commonly known by laymen but are well appreciated by people from the field.


1. Different Browsers, Different Websites

The same website may appear differently to two people who are accessing it from two different channels. For example, when one looks at a website from one’s home computer and at the same time, when his friend, two kilometers away, looks at the same site from his Smartphone, both views will be different.


2. Website design dictates where users will focus on the website

The internet has forever changed the way one browses content. According to a Neilson survey, websites with a scannable layout have a 47% chance of usability improvement. If users, who visit a website, cannot find the information they are seeking, they will leave the site.


3. A year gone, website is considered old

Web design is a dynamic field, which experiences changes every three months. To keep up with the latest developments in the field, website designers need to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field and offer their customers the latest products and service.


4. Templates restrict the website design process

People who turn to website design templates to cut costs in the website design process do not consider that templates carry bloated code with unnecessary design elements.


5. Every website’s code helps it in attracting search engines

Search engines are actually a good source of new traffic for every website. However, this is possible only if the website has relevant keyword rich content on it. Otherwise, the most stylish and attractive design may go unnoticed.


6. Images or videos can make or break a website

Web professionals use picturesque images and videos to improve the attractiveness of a website. However, if these are not optimized for search engines, all the fancy razzmatazz will go down the drain.


7. A good website design costs good

A cursory glance at the prices of website design will show that a well-designed website costs anywhere from $500 to $50000 to design, depending upon its density. People who skimp on this cost are likely to suffer.


8. Responsive and mobile web design— Different thing!

Most people are unaware of the change that occurs in websites when they are viewed on a Smartphone as opposed to when they are viewed on a laptop or desktop. This is due to responsive design for a website for a laptop or desktop as opposed to restrictive design for a website for mobiles.



The intricacies of website design are in reality stupefying, demanding a high level of modernized attention and awareness to detail to build the best website possible. Consider these facts while designing your next website and make a significant web presence among competitors! Or better let haxzzallian help you get an awesome website.

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eCommerce Development

Our expertise in delivering high end and feature rich ecommerce websites lies in the fact that we are highly process oriented and work very closely with our clients to understand each and every requirement well, irrespective of it being major or a minor one. Our ecommerce development team consists of analysts/consultants, certified Magento developers and testers who contribute their best to deliver the highest quality outputs. This dynamic team of ecommerce technology specialists have hands on experience of developing eCommerce business and elevating it to higher levels. We have proven expertise in emerging open source technologies such as Magento, Prestashop, Volusion, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce which guarantee an extremely delightful and a rich user experience.

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98% of those online are searching for solution to one problem or the other while the rest 2% are chatting. Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not people are buying online. Its time for you to target online audience for your business. Send us a quote on our contact form or simply send a mail to and lets grow your business by growing your customer database

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Electronic Commerce – e commerce

 Electronic Commerce – ecommerce’

Electronic commerce (e commerce) is a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. Electronic commerce operates in all four of the major market segments: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. It can be thought of as a more advanced form of mail-order purchasing through a catalog. Almost any product or service can be offered via e commerce, from books and music to financial services and plane tickets.

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We are a web hosting company that is striving to be a leader in the world of technology. We process domain registrations and SSL certificates. We build all kinds of website with different functionalities. We build special responsive website using principles of responsive design. We build dynamic websites using wordpress and other CMS softwares. We don’t use already built theme on wordpress, we design themes for the suitability of our clients. Our websites are mobile friendly and search engine optimized. We make use of different web technologies like HTML,XML,XHTML,CSS, JavaScript/jquery, PHP and others.logo

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