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The current economy condition in Nigeria has affected a lot of business negatively, which has forced many to fold up or cut down cost by retrenchment of staffs. A lot of companies cannot break-even not to talk of supernormal profit. The recent statistics revealed that the first quarter of the year has witnessed overwhelming business closure.

The persistent dwindling of oil revenues and the volatility of foreign exchange rate has placed many CEO in a state of confusion. For any company to make profit, the customers database must be strong and increasing at a reasonable proportion. How can you make profit amidst this crisis? How can you increase your customer base? How can you expand your company? For every problem, there is a solution.

A wise man once said; doing the same thing in same way and expecting different result is the definition of insanity. In order to overcome all these challenges, you must be ready to try new things and new ideas.

98% of those online are searching for solution to one problem or the other, while the rest 2% are chatting. Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not, people are buying and selling online.

A lot of customers are searching for your kind of product and services every minute online. Your website will take your business to where your marketers have never been to. You can increase your sales by over 50% within a short period of time by exploring the potentials of online customers. Targeting online audience will increase your customer database, increase in customers database means increase in sales, increase in sales means increase in profit.

Employing I.T solutions to your business adequately will make your business survive the current economic recession in Nigeria. Haxzzallian software and web technologies is an expert in I.T solutions. We will help you build a fully optimized website that will appeal to your online audience. All websites being developed by our company are fully equipped with digital marketing tools like:

*Newsletter subscription: This promotes email marketing

*social media pop up: this increase your PR on social media

*Integrating social media into your site which will show the activities of your social media in your site e.g tweets on twitter,posts on facebook

*Blog & community: This will allow you to get feedback from your customers. knowing what your customers really want is the key to sales promotion.

*S.E.O: your website will be optimized for search engine. Being among the top result for your products and services is an edge over competitors.

Contact Haxzzallian Software & Web Technologies today and let us help to grow your business online. Fill our contact form or send a mail to

Think Inspiration | Think Creativity | Simple Strategy

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98% of those online are searching for solution to one problem or the other while the rest 2% are chatting. Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not people are buying online. Its time for you to target online audience for your business. Send us a quote on our contact form or simply send a mail to and lets grow your business by growing your customer database

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Build your dream

Come visit us and lets help make your dream website a reality. That’s what we do ;Think inspiration! Think creativity! Simple Strategy!

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Register Your Domain with Haxzzallian

Haxzzallian Software & Web Technologies is the leading Domain registrar in Nigeria. We offer different TLDs like .COM, .NAME, .US & lots more. Our prices are affordable and our company is reliable. We got your back as well for other services like Web development, Web hosting, SSl certificate, Search engine optimization services(SEO), Integration of content management systems(CMS) into your website, Integration payment gateway so that you can receive payment online, Website registration on all search engines to increase your ranking, Branding your business with our robust branding package and lots more…

Contact us now by submitting your project at Haxzzallian Software & web Technologies

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Top 10 Online Payment Processing Platforms in Nigeria

Being able to receive payment online means using a payment processor which involves using electronic funds, web processing solution as well as database updating when the process is successful. It means the transfer of funds from

your buyer’s account to your account through a trusted platform. Now for a global audience, there are several ways which have evolved that has allowed merchants to be able to receive money online ranging from merchant’s own merchant account to third party payment processing.

For many Small, Medium and Large Scale businesses, accepting payments online  offers major benefits. Customers increasingly expect this facility and it can improve your cashflow significantly. Although, people believe it’s easy to accept cheques or invoices for your online sales and to process payments in the traditional way, that’s why we examine why every business should accept online payment. Infact, this is necessary because buyers often use the internet for a speedy service as most sales are paid for with credit and debit cards nowadays. To accept cards online in Nigeria and Globally, you will have to make special banking arrangements. Read more…



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Web Gateway Integration

Are you an entrepreneur that owns a site and wish to receive payment online?
Are you thinking of getting online payment with ease?
Do you want to beat your competitors with a unique idea of Web gateway?
Haxzzallian Software & Web Technologies has the answer to this.
Contact us by sending us a project request here and let us help you build and achieve your wonderful dream.

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We are a web hosting company that is striving to be a leader in the world of technology. We process domain registrations and SSL certificates. We build all kinds of website with different functionalities. We build special responsive website using principles of responsive design. We build dynamic websites using wordpress and other CMS softwares. We don’t use already built theme on wordpress, we design themes for the suitability of our clients. Our websites are mobile friendly and search engine optimized. We make use of different web technologies like HTML,XML,XHTML,CSS, JavaScript/jquery, PHP and others.logo

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