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Facts About Nigeria And Digital world


Facts About Nigeria And Digital world

There was a time when online makes no sense to Nigerian. it is now difficult to find someone in Nigeria cities without a knowledge of online activities.
A statistics by google cloud shows that 86,219,965 citizens make use of internet daily.that is a share of 46.1% out of 186,987,563 population. Which takes 2.5% in the world internet users(3,424,971,237).
Statistics shows that 7,947,035 nigerians madeuse of internet in 2006 equivalent to 5.5% of the general nigeria population, looking at the transformatin from 2006 to 2016, you will discover nigeria is moving at a wonderful pace.
This indicates that in few years time, mor than 80% of nigerian will be active o the internet,this also shows that, any company without online presence will not be competitive in nigeria market and might loose public confidence.
This is a wake up call to all nigeria enterpreneurs to start thining of how to go digital and maintin significant online presnce.
This is where haxzzallianwebwebcomes in .we help to migrate your business online and create global opportunity for your business.the sky will be the begining when we help you build your dream websites.
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