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Website Development Promo Bundle

Website Development Promo Bundle

Have you ever thought of developing a multi dynamic Rich DHTL/XHTML Website that will enlist all the fantastic features? You always see on most popular website such as Media, Animation Effects, Custom Action Scripting, Complex Back End scripting with Database support and much more?

That’s what haxzzallian software and web technologies is here to deliver to you; we really know what you want and how to work together with our professional Website /Web Application Developer in-house who will help you develop any kind of custom website that you ever dream of designing at any point in time, not only that we also have over 1000 Optional website tools that you can select from that can be added to your website in such a way that it make your website Much more superior and of higher priority on the World Wide Web.

This offers seems to sound so much fantastic and interesting, you might be wondering how much. It really cost to help you develop any kind of website you like to design since you know the exact kind Of site you actually want, haxzzallian software and web technologies decide to lunch a Slice it promo, Allow you split your web development fee  into three to five month installment. This package is designed to help entrepreneur have more fund for the business without affecting online presences. We have over 5000 website designs and templates that you can choose from which will give you a guide on how you want your site to look like.


  • Rich Color Graphic Design (Logo, Banners, Images, Pictures etc)
  • Pictures Gallery of any kind
  • Choose from over 5000 Website Templates of your choice or create your own new Architectural site design
  • Website Uploads and Tracking
  • Embed CSS and XML Features
  • Embed DHTML Features
  • Website Management and Maintenance
  • Re-development of website if requested
  • Submit into Search engine worldwide including Google
  • Free Custom JavaScript effects
  • We will spend the same time and number of workforce and the same resources we spend on normal website development on any kind of site you have chosen.


How long does it take to develop the website?


The minimum time it takes our software developers to finish development will be one week maximum might be two weeks it depends on the queue of jobs at hand and the kind of website you have chosen for us to design for you.


Website Features


  • DHTL/XHTML Features
  • Custom JavaScript effects
  • CSS Features
  • Custom Menus, Banners, Logo, Buttons, Tabs and much more
  • Web Links
  • Menu Subcategories
  • Web Clock
  • Rich Colored Scroll Bars
  • And many more

For more information and enquires mail us at or visit our office at suite 26, summit plaza,Akowonjo Road, micon  Bus-Stop,Opp Access Bank, Lagos


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