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Top 10 Online Payment Processing Platforms in Nigeria


Top 10 Online Payment Processing Platforms in Nigeria

Being able to receive payment online means using a payment processor which involves using electronic funds, web processing solution as well as database updating when the process is successful. It means the transfer of funds from

your buyer’s account to your account through a trusted platform. Now for a global audience, there are several ways which have evolved that has allowed merchants to be able to receive money online ranging from merchant’s own merchant account to third party payment processing.

For many Small, Medium and Large Scale businesses, accepting payments online  offers major benefits. Customers increasingly expect this facility and it can improve your cashflow significantly. Although, people believe it’s easy to accept cheques or invoices for your online sales and to process payments in the traditional way, that’s why we examine why every business should accept online payment. Infact, this is necessary because buyers often use the internet for a speedy service as most sales are paid for with credit and debit cards nowadays. To accept cards online in Nigeria and Globally, you will have to make special banking arrangements. Read more…



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